1. Is it safe to use lifepo4 battery?

Lithium iron phosphate material does not contain any toxic and harmful substances and will not cause any pollution to the environment. It is recognized as a green battery in the world. The battery has no pollution in production and use.

They will not explode or catch fire in the event of a hazardous event such as a collision or short circuit, greatly reducing the possibility of injury.

2. Compared to lead acid battery, what’s the advantages of LiFePO4 battery?

1. Safer, does not contain any toxic and harmful substances and will not cause any pollution to the environment, no fire, no explosion.
2. Longer cycle life, lifepo4 battery can reach 4000 cycles even more, but lead acid only 300-500 cycles.
3. Lighter in weight, but heavier in power, 100% full capacity.
4. Free maintenance, no daily work and cost, long term benefit to use lifepo4 batteries.

3. Can it in series or parallel for higher voltage or larger capacity?

Yes, the battery can be put in parallel or series, but there are tips we need to pay attention on:
A. Please make sure the batteries with same specification such as the voltage, capacity, charge, etc. If not, the batteries will be damaged or lifespan shortened.
B. Please make operation based on professional guide.
C. Or pls contact us for more advice.

4. Can i use lead acid battery charger to charge lithium battery?

Actually, lead acid charger is not recommended to charge lifepo4 battery as lead acid batteries charge at a lower voltage than LiFePO4 batteries require. As a result, SLA chargers will not charge your batteries to full capacity. Furthermore, chargers with a lower amperage rating are not compatible with lithium batteries.

So it is better charge with a special lithium battery charger.

5. Can lithium battery charged in freezing temperatures?

Yes, Lanke lithium batteries work at -20-65℃(-4-149℉).
Can be charged in freezing temperatures with self-heating function(optional).


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