Cranking Batteries

Cranking Batteries

Lanke Cranking Battery Solutions

Lanke cranking battery solutions are perfectly designed for fishing boat,
car and truck, battery solutions include 12v 24v lifepo4 start battery system,
battery charger(waterproof optional), OEM/ODM welcomed!

Marine cranking solution

Truck cranking solution

Car cranking solution

Starting your fishing boat smoothly with more powerful lifepo4 battery, enjoy fishing moment freely.

Upgrade to Lanke lifepo4 battery(cranking and deep cycle, two in one ) for drop-in replacement of lead acid battery, ideal designed for truck starting and parking air conditioner.

Lanke also provide cranking solution for Car, longer life, safer, stronger power!


Lanke Starting Solutions with Advanced Lithium Battery Technologies

Smart BMS with Bluetooth

Smart BMS with Bluetooth

> Our cranking lifepo4 batteries with Bluetooth monitoring, can detect the battery data at any time.


> Waterproof battery solution is ideal designed for marine application.

Charged at cold weather

Charged at Cold Weather

> Self-heating function optional, can be charged at freezing temperatures. 

Long Term Benefits to Choose Center
Power Battery Solutions


O maintenance

LiFePO4 batteries with free maintenance.

5 Years long warranty

5 years long warranty

Longer warranty, after-sales guaranteed.

10 Years long lifespan

10 years long lifespan

Longer lifespan than lead acid batteries. 

Environmentally friendly

Eco- friendly

LiFePO4 doesn't contain any harmful heavy metal elements, pollution-free both in production and actual use.


Quick charge

Support fast charge, shorten the charging time.

Lanke, Your Reliable Partner

Power Satisfied, Life Satisfied!

Customer satisfaction value more and drive us to forward!
We have competence and confidence in helping you
achieve your ideas of battery solutions!


Marine Cranking Solutions

Trucking Cranking Solutions

Car Cranking Solutions


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